How a Blockchain System Operates

Blockchain infrastructure is a complex, decentralized architecture that orchestrates many systems running asynchronously over the internet in order to create a secured database that records sensitive data of certain users into forms of transactions. First, let’s identify and define these ‘main artifacts’ of a Blockchain system; then, we will explore how they interact together in the system’s operations.

Angular DevOps Series (Part 2)

Are you searching for a solution for automating the Angular application development process? In this series, I’m taking you along with me in my journey towards a fully automated process for my Angular application. The series includes 4 parts:

Part 1: Establish Workflows from Source Code to Staging Environment Using GitHub, CircleCI, Docker and Firebase.
Part 2: First Quality Gate: Static Testing.
Part 3: Second Quality Gate: Unit Testing.
Part 4: Third Quality Gate: E2E Testing.