Blockchain & DApp Development

How to Develop an Ethereum Smart Contract

Smart Contract is a powerful scheme, running on the Ethereum Blockchain, but is also considered as the backend application of the Ethereum Blockchain. Understanding how the scheme itself works as well as the process for developing such a contract is necessary for Ethereum Blockchain App development. This tutorial will explain development environments, toolsets, and some basic Solidity code used in smart contracts. Before reading this tutorial, we recommend that you have a basic knowledge regarding Blockchain and Ethereum.

How a Blockchain Performs Transactions

Blockchain is a decentralized system which performs operations through orchestrating many peers across logical and geographical sites. During the orchestration, the peers would have both independent operations and synchronizations, which form various complicated operational scenarios in real time. One of the most important operations in a Blockchain system is processing transactions that are always delayed by end-users due to their low performance and instability. This blog post explains how Blockchain systems manage user transactions and highlight performance issues before recommending a strategy for end-users to have successful transactions.