Blockchain is an innovative technology combining many complex algorithms, protocols and architectures. Adopting Blockchain can be challenging for even the largest hi-tech companies. Organizations that make use of Blockchain technology either by themselves or by using consultants without the required experience often hit trapdoors such as stability, scalability and maintainability very soon after implementation. As a result, most cannot keep up with the competition on leveraging Blockchain for their business or even miss one of the most important innovations in modern computer science.

With a passionate development team equipped with strong backgrounds and expertise in Blockchain and related technologies, MOWEDE is one of the few trail-blazing East-Asia firms that specialize in Blockchain development. We work with you to build up Blockchain into your business competitive edge by effectively promoting all the advantages of this technology.

MOWEDE Blockchain Development Services

Our Blockchain development services cover the following:

  • Blockchain development strategy consulting.
  • Blockchain vendors and frameworks evaluation and selection.
  • Decentralized application development and quality assuring using leading tools and frameworks such as Truffle, MetaMask, MEW, Solidity and sophisticated chain-codes.
  • Blockchain for business configuration and development using all major platforms: Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, and Openchain.
  • Crypto currency wallet integration for e-commerce.


MOWEDE‘s Blockchain professionals work intimately with clients to understand the specific pain-points and then create a tailored Blockchain solution that can provide outstanding ROI.

Blockchain Strategy

Through a proof of concept (POC), MOWEDE consultants work with you to audit your existing business processes, workflows and applications to establish a roadmap for implementing and scaling a Blockchain solution.

Tools & Frameworks

Our Blockchain experts can work with your preferred tools and frameworks, or our prebuilt development frameworks. We’re also able to help you select, and customize the tool to fit your needs.

Specialized Blockchain Experts

Our Blockchain engineers have extensive experience working with leading Blockchain development tools including Truffle, Solidity, MetaMask, MEW, Rinkeby/Ropsten/Kova and Hyperledger. We also have the technical expertise to extend leading public Blockchains beyond their existing capabilities to address your unique transacting issues.

Recommend Development Best Practices

Our consultants can recommend and help you implement best practices to increase productivity, reduce post-production issues, create re-usable artifacts, and improve your overall development pipeline. This is achieved by setting up effective communication channels, creating or enhancing existing artifacts for future use, and creating a knowledge repository for cross-functional training.

Blockchain Testing and Automation

We can help you design, organize, run and even automate tests for your decentralized applications, chain-codes, or your whole business Blockchain. The DApp test would include test-net setting up and functional validation whilst the Blockchain for business should be verified on functionality, security and performance as well. Moreover, we can run regression tests using VMs, Docker containers or cloud-based virtualization services such as AWS and Azure. We can also hand off these automated test cases to your test team to perform test execution if need be.

Scalability & Maintainability

Our experience has shown that system design is the single most important factor in realizing a scalable and maintainable Blockchain solution. We employ Blockchain-oriented best practices in architectural design to ensure the optimal reusability & maintainability across business units’ projects.

Maintenance & Support

We can work with your in-house team to maintain your decentralized applications and private chains, or provide best practices to let this happen in house.