Legacy Application Modernization

MOWEDE experts & consultants will analyze your outdated system and propose the best solutions to overcome its limitations and maximize your productivity.

Engagement Approach

MOWEDE consultants will work with you to audit your existing business processes, workflows and applications and establish a roadmap for both implementing and scaling your solution. We are flexible and will provide a software development approach that suits your requirements, timeline, and budget.

Specialized Expertise

Our domain expertise includes

Porting Android applications

Windows legacy applications (COM)

Web legacy applications (ASP.NET, Java Servlet)

Embedded Linux systems

CRM / E-Commerce

Software Testing and Automation Industry

Development Strategy: Quality Centric

MOWEDE frameworks are designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Deep Analysis
  • Consistency
  • Reusability
  • Optimization
  • Testability

Quality is maintained at each step through the use of automation tools and frameworks, static checking of coding style and unit testing. This makes end-to-end tests maintenance easily manageable. Good framework architecture, based on modern design patterns that separate the UI, Presentation and Data Storage layers, allows for rapid feature development and increases the application’s scalability.

Maintenance and Support Engagement Approach

MOWEDE can work with your current in-house team to maintain your applications or provide training so that your team can manage future maintenance and operations themselves. MOWEDE ensures the solutions are executed properly during their lifecycle. In addition, we provide additional support and maintenance under service level agreements (SLAs).