At MOWEDE, we put our customers in the center of our services, decisions are made by empathizing needs and maximizing the value delivered.

Security & IP Protection

Security guards on site

Key card are used to enter and exit secure areas containing data and IP

Security policies to guard sensitive client data and IP

MOWEDE is a US corporation - accountable under US IP regulations

All employees sign IP non-disclosure agreements

Scalable Resources

A project can start with one engineer and scale up to number needed as the project grows as well as scale down when it’s needed

2 to 10+ years of experience

Our resource attrition rate is manageable at under 8% per year

Our training programs allows us to update our resources’ skills & competencies in timely manner

Services variety

The wide range of resources, skills and stacks allows MOWEDE offer many development services to fulfill any client requirement.

Clients can easily manage multiple projects with different requirements using a single point of contact.

The variety of business and service models we offer allow clients the best fit for themselves.

Quality centricity

With our 13 years of experience in development, we fully understand the expectations and demands from the clients. Therefore we maintain a high level of quality in everything we do:





Cost effectiveness

Our current infrastructure & resources allow customer’s to kick off projects at a reasonable cost.
Our resource talent pool and training system save our customers from have to spend on staffing and training.
Our flexible business models make it easy for customers to manage budget allocations.